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Logburner Surveys and Quotes

We aim to provide a clear estimate of the works needed after one free site ground survey. Further site surveys and roof surveys involving ladders are chargeable. Free surveys are only available on days that we are in your area already. Estimates for your installation are usually sent out 3-5 days after the survey.

Terms and Conditions

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HETAS Certification.

We will clean all flues required to industry standard and install flue liner and stoves to HETAS standards and building regulations and will provide a HETAS installation certificate after completion. Your chimney will be swept before installation. You will not need to apply for permission from Building Control. Listed properties may need to apply for permission. HETAS Certification can only be provided for installations that we complete ourselves. Please do not ask us to certify work that you have done yourself or through a building company.

Get your logburner flue swept
Completing the work


Where possible we will complete the work in the time allotted in a tidy and professional manner. However adverse weather conditions may prolong an installation as we need safe access to the chimney from the roof if a flexible liner is to be installed.

We are fully insured for damage to you or your property at all times. We expect you to respect our safety and not to touch or move any of our equipment.

Work that cannot be completed, or that needs additional work due to unforeseen issues will be discussed with the customer or person on site before proceeding.

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Smoke Exempt areas need Smoke exept or DEFRA approved stoves and logburners

Electronic messaging

We provide an online message system on our website. We cannot be held responsible if our return email or quotation does not reach the customer due to incorrect data entered into the message box or details provided at the site survey. We ask that the customer adds office@gtdinstallations.lt.uk to their 'safe senders' list or checks their junk or spam folders if a quote does not arrive. 

If we do not receive confirmation that you have received your quotation we will contact you by email or text, in case the email is in your spam or junk folder. Read our Data Privacy Policy.


A full copy of our Terms and Conditions will be sent to you with your quotation.

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Future proofing

Staying Safe

To ensure that your chimney or flue is cleaned regularly and thus safe to use, we will contact you to arrange a chimney sweep through our sister company Cleansweep Vac Services, one year later. We prefer to contact you by email but may use text (SMS) messaging if we do not hold your email details.

We recommend that customers use a stove pipe thermometer so that they do not overburn their appliance. We believe that this will prolong the life of the stove.

We do not approve burning unseasoned logs or household rubbish in your appliance.  A 316/316 stainless steel liner should be used for woodburners. 316/904 steel for wood and occasional use of smokeless coal . For Smokeless coal users we recommend a 904 / 904 liner is installed.We cannot be held accountable if you decide to burn this without discussion prior to install.



Regular Maintenance

We will install the stove/ flue to industry standards and cannot be held accountable for any health issues caused by misuse of the appliance, poor maintenance or blocked flue issues. We may contact you annually to remind you that your annual sweep and check-up is due, however it is the householders responsibility to have the flue cleaned regularly. Book a sweep online now. 

Depending on what you burn and how often, this could be 3-4 times per year. For Multifuel stoves, Log burners and open fires, with a liner or twin wall pipe, burning smokeless fuel you should sweep once every year when you stop using your fire for the Summer. If burning seasoned wood only then sweep when you stop using your fire for the Summertime and then after three months when you start using it every day. If burning bitumous Coal; sweep when you stop using your fire for the Summer and then half way through the burning season. More information on sweeping your logburner.


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Future proofing your appliance and installation
Annual maintenance of your log burning stove

Securing a date

A deposit must be received at least 4 weeks before the start date. Until the deposit is received the date reserved may be given to another customer. If the installation is cancelled after the deposit is paid, the deposit will not be refunded. The last quotation provided to the customer before the deposit is paid, will be the works agreed to. Agreement to proceed with the installation must be recieved by email before a date can be secured. The chimney of your log burner will be swept as part of your installation. You will not need to arrange a seperate chimney sweep to visit.

Gas stove installation.

We are not Gas Safe Engineers and can only install gas woodburners by utilising a separate GAS SAFE engineer. We will quote for our part of the installation but you will  need to organise the gas engineer with which we will liaise.


Payment is expected once the work is complete upon the day the logburner, liner or fireplace is installed. For work completed at the weekend payment is expected in cash, cheque or electronic transfer on the next working day.

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