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No two customers are the same and the same goes for chimneys, fireplaces, wood burner and multi-fuel stove installations.

Take a look at what we have achieved for our customers who prefer lower emissions from their stoves and choose a DEFRA approved stove or live in Smoke Controlled Areas over the last seven years. To find out if you live in one of these areas contact your local council. For more information on fireplace surrounds and hearths


Any prices shown are rough guides and include VAT.


Manufacturer Website Links 

Arada : based in Devon (+Hamlet, Aarrow, Villager )

Charnwood : Based in the Isle of Wight, GB
Stovax : based in Exeter, GB    

AGA : based in Shropshire, GB

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"Thank you again for your brilliant service" - Marie in Stevenage

DEFRA approved stoves

Installation Details

This amazing traditional brick fireplace complements the modern widescreen multi-fuel stove immensely. The tiles are original so the job was to line the chimney with 316 flexible liner and install the stove to HETAS standards. Cost installed around £1800. (note version in photo is no longer manufactured. The new model is slightly less wide)

Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen Stove (s4)

Size: 519mm x 551mm x 387mm

Output: 5kW

Fuel: Wood or Coal [no extra kit needed]

Smoke: Can be used in Smokeless Zones

SIA Ready: Yes - [Visit SIA website]

Boiler: No [cannot be added to your central heating]

Material: Steel

Efficiency: 79.3%


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"love the DEFRA approved stove, a real asset to our home" – PS in Beds

Inset stoves DEFRA approved
Got a question about your smoke exempt woodburner?
Hamlet Solution MF stove with rustic firebox and tiled hearth
Charnwood Country 4 stove in Almond

Fitting Details

This adorable brick firebox retains the character of the original and looks great with a modern granite hearth. The traditional almond enamelled stove was installed to HETAS standards with 316 flexible liner into the already prepared opening. Cost around £2100. Comes with free stove glove. Buy a glove in our online shop


Charnwood Country 4 Woodburner

Size: 386mm x 545mm x 308mm

Output: 4.8kW

Fuel: Wood only [multi-fuel kit optional extra]

Smoke: Can be used in Smokeless Zones

SIA Ready: No [Starts 2022 - Visit SIA website]

Boiler: No [Option is available to add to your central heating]

Material: Steel and Cast Iron

Efficiency: 76.8%

Stovax Stockton SE MF Stove

Install Details

This beautiful fireplace surround looks fantastic with the river granite hearth, fully rendered firebox and traditional stove. Installed to HETAS standards with 316 flexible liner into the newly excavated opening. Cost around £2500. Comes with a free stove pipe thermometer which you can purchase in our shop.

Stovax Stockton 5 Multifuel Stove

Size: 481mm x 544mm x 335mm

Output: 4.9kW

Fuel: Wood and coal can be burnt [multi-fuel kit optional extra]

Smoke: Can be used in Smokeless Zones with extra kit

SIA Ready: No [Starts 2022 - Visit SIA website]

Boiler: No [Not able to add to your central heating]

Material: Steel 

Efficiency: 85% [better than some SAI Ecodesign stoves]